Investing in Early-Stage Ventures

If you’re looking to invest in the newest and most innovative companies, you may want to start with early-stage ventures. The technology sector is the most popular, followed by wellbeing and health and media. But there are many other areas where you can invest. ernst young us q1levycnbc

Investing in early-stage ventures

Investing in early-stage ventures offers the potential for tremendous returns. Often, these investments involve multiple high-risk, high-reward bets. Unlike traditional investing, early-stage ventures do not require investors to make blind bets. Most VCs have a checklist of criteria that they use to invest in companies. ernst young us q1levycnbc

Startup companies in the seed stage seek out money to complete research and development. Once they have done that, they develop a business plan and market their product or service to potential customers. These companies typically have a prototype that they can show to investors. They need larger sums of capital to further develop their product, hire more people, and expand their research and development. ernst young us q1levycnbc

Investing in early-stage ventures is a great way to stay on the cutting-edge of new technology, society, and capital. It also allows you to surround yourself with like-minded people and make strategic investments with a mission you believe in.

Investing in technology

Ernst & Young (EY) is investing US$1 billion in new technologies, client services and innovation. The money will go towards a range of digital tax and audit services. This investment builds on the firm’s existing investment in technology.

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