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Hyperfund Login – Is it a Ponzi Scheme?

When you log in to Hyperfund, you’ll see a new name and a new app. It is now called Hyperfund login. However, you can no longer download the app from the company’s official website or verified stores, including the Apple Inc. app store. There are various websites that claim to have the Hyperfund login app, but you should not trust those links. They are likely scams.

Hyperfund is a decentralized purchase and sale system

Hyperfund is a decentralized purchase and selling system that aims to make cryptocurrency investment easy. It has a team of crypto experts and claims to minimize the risks associated with the investment. It offers referral commissions to its affiliates. To qualify for the commission, an affiliate must purchase 300,500 or 1000 HU and send them in USDT at a 1:1 ratio. The more people you refer, the higher your profit.

In addition to providing a decentralized purchase and selling system, HyperFund is also a decentralized service platform. It is built on the blockchain and promises to provide a comprehensive decentralized financial infrastructure for all users of digital currencies. To achieve this goal, HyperFund has launched a shitcoin called HyperDAO (HDAO). However, HyperFund is using HyperDAO as an excuse to withhold 20% of its affiliate commissions.

While the company’s affiliate program is very profitable, it is a scam. Affiliates are only allowed to market HyperFund affiliate membership. Then, they invest in the internal token, HU, or tiers of HU. The system promises a 300% ROI. However, it’s important to note that HyperFund affiliates cannot withdraw their earnings through the HyperPay system. This means that HyperFund is a scam and should not be trusted.

HyperFund is a decentralized purchase and sale system launched by Australian company HyperTech. This company has previously launched three similar systems and has learned from their mistakes and is now building a decentralized financial infrastructure for digital currency users. With HyperFund, users invest money in cryptocurrency, which is then invested by the HyperFund to create a profit for them. In return, HyperFund keeps a fixed percentage of the profit.

Affiliates who sign up with HyperFund earn 15% of HU from each HU they generate. The difference between 15% paid out and the 15% VIP reward rate goes to the affiliate who recruited the affiliate. Affiliates who are not five star members earn the difference. The affiliates who do not have a 5 star ranking get the difference of the VIP Reward rate and the 15% paid out by HyperFund.

It is a ponzi scheme

Some people are wondering if Hyperfund is a ponzi scheme. This website promotes itself as a non-profit Blockchain education center, and their goal is to help people learn how to make money in the “new economy.” Investing in HyperFund is similar to putting your money in a bank. You get a small return, but you can reinvest your reward as many times as you want. This compounding effect means that your daily return can increase by a factor of 10 or more.

If you’re wondering if Hyperfund is a ponzi scheme, it’s important to know the company’s background. The company was founded in 2014 by Ryan Xu, who had previously been involved with pyramid schemes. Before starting HyperFund, he started a similar multi-level system called HyperCapital, which was later renamed HyperFund.

HyperFund claims to have a legal business model, but the organization’s website is not registered with the SEC. The company is also engaging in securities fraud by promoting unregistered securities to US residents. If HyperFund’s affiliate recruitment falls off, it will lose its ROI revenue and be unable to pay out its members’ HyperPay withdrawal requests. Because of this, the math behind a Ponzi scheme guarantees that most participants will lose money when the scheme collapses. The fact that affiliates are left holding worthless HU points is also a sign of a fraudulent organization.

HyperFund is a multi-level network marketing company that uses a cryptocurrency called HU. The company uses this cryptocurrency to invest in companies, and pays members in HU in exchange for the funds they deposit. Members of HyperFund can expect to earn 0.5 to one percent of the amount they invested each day. In addition, they must reinvest twenty percent of their compensation into company tokens.

The HU and MOF tokens used in HyperFund payouts are not listed on the official website of the company. However, the MOF token can be converted into US dollars. This process can be complicated for those unfamiliar with cryptography. It involves several steps and a multi-stage process.

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