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Braces And Eating: What Can And Can’t Your Child Eat?

What Can And Can’t Your Child Eat?

This blog can be very insightful if you’re looking for answers to what and what not your child can eat while wearing braces. Continue reading to learn more.

Your child will need to alter their eating routine once they receive braces. Some foods are inedible while wearing braces, but as long as you and your child make an effort, it shouldn’t be a huge concern. While some foods should be absolutely avoided, many more can be eaten without any problems if they are given a little more care.

Apples, carrots, and other whole, crunchy fruits and vegetables should be avoided; however, if they are sliced into little pieces, they are acceptable. Nuts and popcorn should also be avoided, as are sticky candies like caramel. Additionally, stay clear of hard meat and beef jerky.

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Why Do Dietary Modifications require while Wearing Braces?

The effectiveness of braces can be greatly improved by making a few little adjustments. Making the appropriate meal choices will increase your comfort while wearing braces. By keeping the braces intact, you’ll reduce the number of times you need to visit the orthodontist for additional maintenance.

Foods Safe to Eat While Wearing Braces

Most foods are still edible while wearing braces. Your child needs to brush their teeth thoroughly after eating because food can get stuck in their braces quite quickly. What can be consumed while wearing braces?

  • Pre-cut loaves of bread, tacos soft, and tortillas are all secure choices.
  • Dairy: You can consume dips, soft cheese, and yoghurt while wearing braces.
  • All types of cooked grains, including rice, noodles, and pasta, are soft and safe for braces.
  • Cakes and muffins, including soft slices, pancakes, and biscuits
  • Roast, deli, and grilled meats that aren’t overly chewy can still be enjoyed if the crackling is left off the plate.
  • Vegetables that have been cooked are generally safe to eat with a fork, therefore there is no reason why your youngster shouldn’t consume their brussel sprouts.
  • Avoid any seafood with bones or shells, although fish, crab, salmon, oysters, and mussels are okay to eat while wearing braces.
  • Bananas, kiwis, pineapple, strawberries, and stone fruits (but remove the stone so you don’t mistakenly bite into it) 

Foods to Avoid While Wearing Braces

  • When wearing braces, the following foods should be avoided:
  • Rather than biting into hard fruits, slice whole apples and pears into little, thin pieces.
  • Bites from entire carrots and other raw vegetables might damage the bracket or wire. The carrot can be prepared to soften before eating or eaten raw by cutting it into thin sticks or rounds.
  • Bread that is hard or crusty should not be consumed; the issue only exists with hard rolls, bread, and pizza crusts. Remove hard crusts from bread or select a softer variety.
  • Popcorn: Popcorn kernels can easily get caught in braces or beneath the gum in a place that is hard to reach without removing a portion of the braces.
  • Most nuts are hard, and they can damage wires and remove brackets. Nuts can be eaten whole or in flakes.
  • Biting into corn on the cob is destined for disaster. Before eating, chop the corn off with a sharp knife.
  • Tough Meat: Try to limit your consumption to soft meats that can be easily chewed.
  • Foods that are sticky with caramel can stick to brackets and archwires and shatter them. Even if a breaking doesn’t happen right away, the damage is frequently cumulative, and additional parts may result in loose hardware.

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