Advantages of UHF RFID pallet transportation compared to traditional pallet transportation

  1. UHF RFID-Based Pallet Transportation Management System
  2. On the basis of a large number of researches, analyzes and experiments, Fujian Tobacco Industrial and Commercial Enterprises decided to combine the cigarette paper sliding pallet intermodal transportation with the industry’s “three unifications” requirements.
  3. Quanshunhong’s UHF RFID pallet transportation management system solution is a kraft paper pallet with RFID inside, a thickness of about 1 mm, and a weight of about 1kg. It has high toughness and can be recycled and reused; RFID smart forklift is a push-pull RFID smart forklift assembled from ordinary forklifts and push-pull attachments; it adopts 24 pieces/pallet stacking mode.

Advantages of RFID pallet transportation management compared to traditional pallet transportation

Solve the pallet standard is not uniform

The use of paper slip pallets as a carrier plays the role of a pallet converter of different standards, and truly realizes the seamless docking of pallet standards. The RFID pallet transportation management system does not need to replace or purchase traditional pallets, and does not need to transform high-bay warehouses. Amazon Discount Code NHS 

Fixed low load rate

Compared with the low loading rate of traditional pallet intermodal transport, RFID pallet transport management system intermodal transport can achieve a loading rate of 96%, greatly reducing logistics transportation costs.

Easy to recycle and organize

  1. Compared with traditional pallets, the RFID-based pallet transportation management system is small in size and light in weight. It is relatively easy to recycle, organize and store, and the related costs are significantly lower than traditional pallets.
  2. For industrial and commercial enterprises, the use of RFID pallet transportation management systems requires additional investment in special push-pull RFID smart forklifts and paper slip pallets. The rest of the hardware requirements are consistent with traditional pallet transportation, and no additional investment is required; The advantage of cigarette quality; paper slip trays are easy to organize, store and recycle. Unblocked Games 911

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Anchor Tray Introduction

The anchor tray is one of the parts of the pipe seam anchor zmjt051. Its materials are made of welding rings and rolling heads to make the rod body, cutting around the ring to make the retaining ring, shearing, punching and punching to make the tray, rod body and retaining ring. There are many types of anchor trays, and the commonly used ones in mines are mainly butterfly trays and flat trays. The carrying effect of the butterfly pallet is better than that of the flat pallet.

Anchor pallet product function

The bolt tray is an important part of the bolt support system, and its performance directly affects the support effect of the bolt. The function of the tray is to transmit the thrust generated by the nut locking torque to the roof to generate the initial anchor force, and at the same time transmit the pressure of the roof of the roadway to the anchor rod to generate working resistance, jointly strengthen the surrounding rock, and prevent the roof of the roadway from collapsing. displacement. Therefore, when selecting the pallet, the first is to meet the strength matching between the anchor pallet and the anchor rod body, so as to avoid the phenomenon of anchor rod perforation due to insufficient strength of the anchor rod pallet. The second is to meet the matching of the anchor tray and the anchor body in the support structure, so as to avoid the uneven force on the anchor body and nut caused by the mismatch between the anchor body and the tray in the support structure, which will affect the roadway support. protection effect. Review4Brands

Anchor Tray Details 

  1. Butterfly anchor tray material: carbon steel Q235A3.
  2. The method of making the anchor tray: shearing, punching, and punching to make the anchor tray.
  3. The main specifications of the anchor tray: 120*120*6 120*120*8 120*120*10 150*150*10 150*150*8 140*140*10 140*140*8
  4. Anchor tray implementation standards: coal mine anchor tray, iron ore anchor tray, national standard anchor tray, non-standard anchor tray.
  5. Anchor tray thickness: 5.5 to 6mm, 7.5 to 8mm, 9.5 to 10mm, 11.5 to 12mm. Shandong China Coal
  6. Types of anchor trays: round anchor trays, square anchor trays, butterfly anchor trays.
  7. The performance and advantages of the anchor tray: using high-strength plates; adopting a special shape design with good force effect; light and easy to install; improving the surface control effect.
  8. Anchor pallet product use: Anchor pallets are mainly used for side protection and roof protection.

Main Specifications of Anchor Tray

  • 150*150*10
  • 140*140*10
  • 120*120*10
  • 140*140*8
  • 120*120*6
  • 150*150*8

Handmade Rattan Leaf Tray

Want a special tray? Maybe you can consider making it yourself, so that you can get a unique harvest~ A tutorial on weaving exquisite leaf trays with rattan, which is used to store fruits with great effect. If you can find rattan, then come and try it yourself


  • Rattan
  • iron wire


The woven leaf tray is super distinctive, this is a real handicraft~

Weave the handle of the tray, yes, this tray has a handle.

Then start weaving the green leaf part with green rattan.

The final braided rattan tray. Amazon Discount Code NHS 

How the wine tray travels

  • The way of walking the wine tray: the palm of the left hand is facing up, the tray is placed on it, and the balance must be kept so that the food on the plate will not overflow. When walking on the pallet, use the usual walking pace, and the distance of each step is required to be uniform, and 60-90 steps per minute is the most suitable.
  • Proper use of the tray technique: the arm is bent at 90 degrees, and the distance between the elbow and the waist is one punch. Stand tall, look forward, and smile. When walking, balance the five fingers of the left hand with the heel of the palm, and use the tray technique when swinging the right arm naturally.

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