What is Durfing?

If you’re wondering what is durfing, you’ve come to the right place. Durfing is a form of sexual intercourse that doesn’t involve movement. It’s common among Mormon teenagers and is often done secretly. While Mormons don’t allow severe relationships before marriage, they do allow sex before marriage. Mormons define sex as a sexual interaction between a male and female that doesn’t involve the exchange of bodily fluids.

Durfing is a form of sexual activity that does not involve movement

Durfing, also known as dry humping, is a form of sexual activity in which both partners engage in sex without moving. The male performs movements like a clitoral tickle or a groin clench while the female holds her pants and shirt up. Mormons are strictly forbidden to have sex before marriage, so dufing is a common alternative for both parties.

It is a form of exploration of sexuality for Mormon teens

Mormon youth who engage in sexual activity often experience feelings of overwhelming guilt and shame. The guilt stems from not understanding why they should not be doing something and the shame comes from not being “worthy” of the Church. These feelings lead some to engage in additional sexual activity, increasing their guilt and shame levels even more.

While most parents only have one conversation about the topic with their children, they can benefit from taking a proactive approach. This approach prepares children for challenges and equips them with helpful strategies. For example, Mormon teen leaders have spoken about pornography, which can lead to sexually inappropriate behavior. Providing a safe environment for children to feel secure and accepted will also encourage them to come forward.

Mormon teens are encouraged not to date until they are at least 16 years old, although they are free to engage in non-Mormon relationships. They also believe that full sexual intercourse should be reserved for heterosexual married couples.

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